HSCI welcomes private school administrators

| 4 月 8, 2024

In an exchange of best practices, Hua Siong College of Iloilo (HSCI) hosted the 11th National Administrators and Mentors’ Congress for school administrators from private schools across the Philippines with the theme, “Private School Administrators Moving Forward: Towards Greater Horizons,” held last October 13, 2023 at HSCI Ledesco Campus.

SHARING WISDOM, SHAPING FUTURES. School leaders from across the Philippines convene at Hua Siong College, seeking inspiration and best practices for educational excellence. Photo courtesy of PDSS

Stepping beyond their respective institutions all over the country, these leaders delved into Hua Siong’s educational approaches, experiencing first-hand the facilities, equipment, and learning environment that fostered excellence among learners over the years.

Through open discussions and dialogues during the opening program, educators from diverse backgrounds and designations identified common challenges and celebrated successes of their respective institutions.

Guided tours showcased modern classrooms equipped with cutting-edge technology, while interactive sessions introduced innovative programs and teaching methodologies. Junior High School and Senior High School Student Council members served as ushers for the school tour.

The congress transcended mere observation, however, as administrators interacted with Hua Siong’s faculty and

staff, forging connections and exchanging valuable insights that promise to inspire their own teaching methods and schools were also made possible.

As the day drew to a close, the guests gathered once more, this time for a closing ceremony. HSCI’s academic director, Dr. Jose Barcelona, expressed his gratitude for the visitors’ interest in Hua Siong and their willingness to explore the programs the school had to offer.

Equipped with a fresh perspective and a renewed commitment to educational excellence, the school administrators will translate their new-found knowledge into dynamic learning experiences for their own learners.

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