Senior Phoenixes take part in MAAP educational tour

by | Apr 8, 2024

To deepen their understanding of the maritime course and gather an experience by having a closer look at a cadets’ journey aboard, the Grade 12 learners of Hua Siong College of Iloilo (HSCI) participated in a ship tour organized by the Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific (MAAP) at the Port of San Pedro, Iloilo City last October 23, 2023.

WAVES OF WISDOM. HSCI Grade 12 learners navigate the world of maritime studies through a MAAP-led ship tour, gaining invaluable insights from seasoned cadets. Photo courtesy of Jylan Sumagaysay

The learners first gathered inside the conference room wherein rules and safety measures were introduced. They were divided into groups and were assigned two cadets during the tour.

Each group embarked on different areas of the ship. The cadets presented their bridge simulation room where they practiced their skills and abilities for various controls and operations inside the ship, especially navigation.

The experiences of each cadet propelled the learners to acknowledge the importance of possessing the necessary skills to maneuver the ship efficiently.

Antolino Vinci Rey Catequista, a Grade 12 learner said, “The ship tour offered a great experience for me as a learner since I got to learn more about ships and the ways of how they wander into the oceans. Also, I learned that the procedures and techniques of navigation look simple yet complex.”

“The marine’s experiences helped me realize the significance of their obligations. They should always be prepared for mishaps and sudden adjustments to fulfill their roles. Entering this profession indeed requires willingness since the ship’s functions depend on its people. Originally, marine was not in any of my career options; however, this tour made me reconsider my choices,” he added.

The machinery of the engines below the deck was also explored as they served as an essential part of propelling the ship. Various tools and types of machines were introduced by the engine cadets and engineers, showcasing the intricacy of every component and how they play a vital role in making the ship function.

Another Grade 12 learner, Ryuske Sendo Fabros, also shared, “As someone who always considered maritime as a career option, this ship tour offered me a fun experience since I got to know the different functions of the technology inside the ship. Additionally, I have always thought of them as brave men because of how they adapt to the hard cold sea.”

The tour concluded when the cadets and the chief officer offered their gratitude to the learners and teachers who participated in the ship tour. This experience welcomed maritime enthusiasts aboard, expanding the horizons of the learners and opening an avenue for the maritime industry to be one of their career options as they will soon step outside the realm of the institution.

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