Senior Phoenixes make waves in Strands Summit

by | Apr 8, 2024

Dubbed as the Strands Summit, the Senior High School (SHS) learners from both Main and Ledesco campuses participated in the SHS Days, showcasing their skills in various contests and highlighted their own interest last October 12-13 at Ty Eng Liong Gymnasium, Ledesco Campus.

TERROR TO TRIUMPH. Nailing first place, AJ Joshua Lema (center), displays his outstanding impersonation skills as he does an impression of the horrifying antagonist, Pennywise, in the movie “It.” Photo courtesy of Cliff Jester Nobleza

Mrs. Janet J. Escubio, principal of the English Department, expressed her gratitude to the senior phoenixes for being able to find time in order to both prepare and stage the many activities in her opening remarks while the school’s academic director, Dr. Jose Barcelona, formally declared the program open.

“I was very excited about the Strands Summit, especially the Lip Synch competition since it was one of the categories I participated in. I had a lot of fun performing on stage and giving my all,” said Juliann Patrona, a Grade 11 Ledesco learner who represented his curriculum in multiple events.

Senior phoenixes were able to show in full display their talents, wits, and expertise in different fields and gave their best in their chosen competition,whether it was their knowledge in different subjects in the Battle of the Brains, their acting abilities in the Lip Synchronization and Character Impersonation, or their teamwork, perseverance and sportsmanship in the Mobile Legends tournament.

“My experience during the Strands Summit indeed made me hopeful for future school activities and events. I’m really hoping that the school will have more activities that will encourage learners to exhibit their talents,” said Steah Anne Tolosa, a Grade 11 Main Campus learner.

Other events that learners were able to take part in and exhibit their skills included the Promotional Video-Making, also known as the “Stories of Excellence” and a Career Fair, which became a platform for learners to display their grasp and understanding of their academic strand and their artistic creativity, and the Dance Mob, where the energy, flexibility, and coordination of each learner was tested as they danced to the tune of their selected artist in their own choreographed steps.

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