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Red phoenix miles

welcoming the challenge


Hua Siong College of Iloilo acknowledges that the current COVID-19 crisis presents many challenges across borders, creating conflicts, raising fears, and building uncertainties for what’s ahead. However, the school believes that learning must keep going, regardless of the constraints we face. True to its goal for the total development of the individual, in service to the country and global community, Hua Siong College of Iloilo, through online distance education, would like to continue its mission “to nurture well-rounded individuals imbued with the school’s guiding principles of Diligence, Sincerity, Loyalty, Courage and 21st century skills, we commit to: (1) pursue inclusive, innovative and e-based instruction; (2) uphold quality and excellence in programs and services; (3) optimize professional and competent faculty and staff in the delivery of programs and services; (4) maximize state-of-the-art technology in support of instruction; and, (5) engage stakeholders towards sustainability of the school and the wider community.”

Moving forward with the new normal, opportunities for our learners and teachers to engage in the new ways of learning and teaching will be highlighted. While this may be challenging in the beginning, it will give our learners a chance to show resilience, independence, and creativity. Furthermore, it will ignite the teachers grit and flexibility to design more authentic learning experiences for the learners.

The vision: “an academic institution that blends the best of Chinese and Filipino cultures in the integral development of leaders given to the service of the community and the world.”



RED PHOENIX MILES is an online distance learning program to ensure that every learner will continue to get Hua Siong’s Educational Standards at the comforts of the learners’ homes during this period of uncertainty and disruption.

Hua Siong’s hybrid distance learning program is part of a much wider Education Technology Program that aims to deliver quality, relevant, and responsive education to learners.

Hua Siong College of Iloilo aims to keep her learners’ learning while staying safe at home amidst the current pandemic. Thus, bringing Hua Siong Education into the homes of her learners.

RED PHOENIX MILES will employ both synchronous and asynchronous modes of facilitating learning. We will call this the “I do” (learner) and “We Do” (teacher-learner; learner-learner) interaction in the virtual classroom. All subjects will be delivered through Hybrid Distance Learning.

Hua Siong College of Iloilo school leaders and teachers were trained to deliver instruction in a Hybrid Distance Learning. This learning program is contextualized, and all instructions are learner-centered.

For Parents


Allot space in the house as a “learning space.” This can be any space to work and store materials that will not be disrupted within the duration of the distance learning.

Learners should still be monitored when online whenever possible. Consider having a dedicated time daily where a parent or a trusted adult can be present to monitor/supervise and ensure safe on-task decision making.

Allot time in your daily plan for exercise, social opportunities with family members and brain breaks.





Red Phoenix MILES


  • We respond and interact positively with one another online.
    We actively participate in our online lessons and follow the instructions from our teacher.
  • We think about what we are posting and who can view it.
    We post information that is necessary and truthful.
  • We check if what we have written makes sense and if it can make us proud.
  • We contribute in a positive manner and use appropriate language at all times.
  • We persevere when we face difficulties with technology and we always try our best.
  • Screenshots and screen recording during “We Do” classes are strictly prohibited. Uploading of such on any social media platforms is not allowed.

teachers, learners and parents


For learning to successfully take place, whether in a school setting or in an online learning platform. Learners, teachers, and parents must work collaboratively. Each individual has a definite and important role to play. These roles and responsibilities will serve as a guide for everyone to ensure that learning will happen across distance and beyond screens. Learners will be able to adapt more easily to the new structure and will be successful with learning if they receive strong support from their parents and teachers.



Regularly attend classes

Learning expectations

Establish a daily routine in the virtual classroom

Online Activities

Follow Hua Siong’s Online Etiquette.

Dress Code

Wear appropriate clothing. Remember that all online conferences are monitored by the teacher.

Other instructions

  • Complete all tasks are given during the I DO and WE DO activities.
  • Do your best to complete work within the allocated time frames.
  • Communicate with your teachers if you are having difficulty with the assigned tasks.
  • Regularly check your Learning Management Systems (Google Classroom, Seesaw, ClassDojo) to get updates about your lessons.

virtual learning

Out of the many LMS available online, Hua Siong College of Iloilo has carefully chosen the following and would like to recommend these gadgets for each grade level:

e-learning platforms

RED PHOENIX MILES includes opportunities for face-to-face sessions via live chat, video conferencing, Zoom and Google Meet meetings, live streamed videos, live consultations, etc. to enable learners to connect with peers and teachers spontaneously and naturally. 

recommended gadgets

Suggested gadgets are Laptop or PC, tablet, and inexpensive quality wired earphones.

virtual classroom rules


Prepare yourself before the virtual class starts.


Find a comfortable spot to learn at. It is best to keep your device on a flat surface (e.g. a table). Make sure your device is plugged in or charged. Gather your supplies and printed worksheets.


Get ready to learn and be patient with your teacher because this is a learning experience for everyone. Listen carefully to your teacher. If you have a question, raise your hand. If the teacher calls you, unmute your microphone so that everybody can hear you.


Even though we are not in a classroom, all of our classroom rules still apply. Do your best!



  • Study shared videos from trusted sources or teacher-made Powerpoint presentations.
  • Warm-up Independent assigned task.
  • Continue with independent learning.
  • Work independently on the assigned tasks.
  • Research on assignments.
  • Complete given seatwork and assessments.


  • Warm-up Opportunity for class discussion.
  • Directed work is given to learners.
  • Clear outlines and expectations are being provided by the teacher.
  • Teachers are available to answer questions.
  • High interaction with teacher-facilitators and other learners
    through Google Meet or Zoom.
  • Collaborative and feedback friendly.

the parent's role

Fostering relationships, i.e., School-Home, Teacher-Learner, Learner-Learner, remains an important part of schooling, albeit distant and online.

Maintain routines

Help your child to follow and maintain routines during learning sessions whether online or self-paced.

follow timetable

Follow the timetable provided that is designed to support your child in completing their learning tasks.


For parents of younger learners, be sure to help your child by opening the device and assisting them with whatever needs they have.

support your child

  • Familiarize yourself with the “I Do” (child), “We Do” (teacher and child) model.
  • Use the break time to allow your child to rest.
  • Let your child answer the assessments on their own. Your intervention will less likely help them learn.
  • Set up a study space and provide the technology required.
  • Prepare for technical issues that may come up.
  • Reiterate to your child/children that online learning is just as important as traditional face-to-face learning.

school communications

  • Monitor your child’s progress using your access to the LMS.
    Encourage academic integrity.
  • Check emails regularly for important information and announcements from the school or from the teachers.

online parent-teacher conference

  • Use our Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) expectations to guide you in your support role.

the teacher's role

Class advisers and subject teachers have a shared responsibility in exemplifying personal care for learners.

Plan lessons

Plan lessons that are relevant and appropriate to the present learning environment

follow timetable

Prepare appropriate handouts and materials, and make them available to learners in a timely manner

Monitor learners

Check on learners who have connectivity problems or are having difficulties in using the learning packages.

be responsive

Be responsive to the queries and concerns of both the learners and the parents.


Communication is key to building trust and establishing partnerships. Should you have any concerns, clarifications or questions, you may email at hscionlinelearning@gmail.com for assistance and support. Rest assured that your email will be forwarded to the office or person concerned. Click the contact page for more details.

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