Phoenix Graders reach for stars at Astrocamp

by | Apr 8, 2024

Last September 26, 2023, the event titled, “Through the Lens: AstroCamp” was held in Hua Siong Ledesco Campus spearheaded by the teachers from Main and Ledesco campuses and attended by the Phoenix Graders. AstroCamp is an annual gathering of Science enthusiasts which allows learners to know more about the universe, space, and different scientific topics.

REACH FOR THE STARS. Phoenix Graders embark on a starry adventure and ignite their passion about outer space during the Astricamp held in HSCI Ledesco Campus. Photo courtesy of PDSS

Dr. Larry Buban, a faculty of West Visayas State University, shared his knowledge about the universe and its different elements. He also taught learners about the constellations, planets, and other celestial bodies.

One of the biggest features of the event was the time where learners used a telescope to see the moon and stars up close offering an exciting and unique experience for the learners.

The camp also featured various Math and Science-related activities, including games, and contests.

These games include the String Labyrinth and the well-known Melt-the-Ice competition facilitated by Dr. Buban’s team. The activities were designed to make learning fun and interactive, and the learners could apply the concepts during the sessions.

Overall, the AstroCamp was a great and successful learning experience for the learners as this allowed them to learn about Science, Technology, Mathematics, and the outer space in a fun and interactive way.

It was a great opportunity for young minds to tap into their curiosity and learn about the fascinating world around them. The organizers were successful in creating awareness among the students about the importance of science and technology in our daily lives.

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