Greenovation projects reflect SHS learners’ innovative ideas

by | Apr 8, 2024

The Junior and Senior High School Science and Math Departments spearheaded the MathScilympics 2023 held last September 8, 2023, held at the Ty Eng Liong Gymnasium, Hua Siong College of Iloilo Ledesco Campus.

YOUNG INNOVATORS TAKE THE STAGE. Sharing their Rainwater Harvesting System solution to boost green awareness in school, the Senior High School learners exhibit their advocacy to help protect Mother Earth during the Greenovation portion of the MathScilympics 2023.

With the theme “Innovations in Science and Math: Navigating a Path to Global Wellness,” the event fostered curiosity, critical thinking, and showcased the importance of these subjects in shaping a better world.

It was designed to empower learners, develop skills, strengthen collaboration, and inspire future leaders in critical fields.

The event featured contests like Greenovation, Battle of the Brains, STEMathlon, and Math Eco-Fashion Fusion.

The MathScilympics event gave highlight to the Greenovation Project, a platform for Senior High School learners to showcase their passion and commitment to the school community or to the environment.

Learners were able to apply the concepts they learned in school to develop proposals that could potentially solve issues within the school.

Mr. Jayson I. Gula, Head of the Senior High School Department Main Campus and one of the organizers of the event said, “The ideas presented by the learners in Greenovation are not only timely but also contextually relevant to the school environment. For instance, transforming a pile of papers into a new project reflects their innovative approach. Additionally, their proposal to gather rainwater for generating water within the school showcases a practical and sustainable solution to address specific needs.”

“The program went smoothly. This is a product of collaboration of administrators, teachers, parents and students,” he added.

These events inspired teamwork, analytical and critical thinking, and problem-solving among learners, preparing them for leadership roles in Science and Mathematics, sparking enthusiasm for real-world applications and future success.

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