MathScilympics showcases learners’ wits and creativity

MathScilympics showcases learners’ wits and creativity

With the aim to inculcate a deeper understanding of Math and Science among Junior High School (JHS) and Senior High School (SHS) learners, Hua Siong College of Iloilo spearheaded its first-ever MathScilympics with the theme, “Innovations in Science and Math: Navigating a Path of Global Wellness” last September 8, 2023 at the Ty Eng Liong Gymnasium Ledesco Campus.

The event kicked off with an orientation and talk spearheaded by Prof. Donna Gabor, faculty of the University of the Philippines Visayas.

Gabor highlighted that Science and Math subjects may be difficult for learners, but they need to learn the basic skills in order to improve their comprehension.

Moreover, a MathSci Battle of the Brains and an Eco-Fashion Show were given the spotlights in the said event.

Teams composed of JHS and SHS participants from each year level were made to answer challenging Math and Science questions in the quiz competition.

Rui Suarez, Angel Co, Abigail Margaux Piad, Jean Paul Jaleco, Cindy Loraine Escosa, and Jared Ramyll Chua nailed first place.

Moreover, learners’ creativity, resourcefulness, and inventiveness in using recycled materials were embodied by the contenders of the fashion show. Rica Daniella Tan and her team from Grade 12 Ledesco bagged the Eco-Fashion Show crown.

Meanwhile, the SHS learners participated in the Greenovation Challenge, a comprehensive green initiative proposal on sustainability within the school, wherein the top five groups who passed the pre-screening process presented their plans to the judges. Grade 12 – Galileo clinched the first place, while the Grade 12 – Bliss and

Grade 11 – Pascal landed in the second and third places, respectively.

Simultaneously, the Junior High School learners enjoyed the activities prepared by the Math and Science departments which were held in the covered court. Learners set up booths related to both subjects and participated in the SteMathlon Games.

The first-ever celebration of SciMath Days aims to bring together the entire Hua Siong community in motivating and engaging learners with a plethora of Math and Science activities.

MathScilympics showcases learners’ wits and creativity

Organizations fest, club fair highlight learner engagement 

Hua Siong College of Iloilo Phoenix Graders Department, Junior High School (JHS) Department, and Senior High School (SHS) Department held their club fair and organization festival last August 9-10, 2023 at the Irene Ang Jun Teng Auditorium Main Campus and Ty Eng Liong Gymnasium Ledesco Campus as a way to support learner engagement and let them pursue their interests and passions outside of the classroom.

Learners of the Phoenix Graders Department Main Campus chose among the following clubs: Super Sonic Science Club, Phoenix Shakers Club, Artvengers Club, and Phoenix Talk Masters Club for Cluster 1, while the Phoenix Home Fanatics Club, Wika-alaman (Makatang Pinoy), Phoenix Flash Scientists, Phoenix Number Heroes, Phoenix Eskrima Warriors, and Phoenix Happy Arts Club were in Cluster 2.

Cluster 1 clubs for the Ledesco Campus include the Artscape (Art Club), Green Thumb Club (Garden Club), All Star Movers Club, Board Game Geeks (Board Games Club), and the Language Nest (English Club), while Cluster 2

clubs include the Phoenix Young Einsteins Club, TALE’KABA (Talentadong Kabataan), Young Artist Guild (Art Club), Time Travelers (Social Club), and the Language Nest (English Club). The Boy Scout, Girl Scout, and Chain organizations were also offered to the learners.

The JHS department also showcased their clubs namely Circle of Mathwiz, Environmental Club, Melody Makers, Dance Ensemble, Teatro Phoenix, Promising Journalists and Communicators Club, FiloPhoenix Club, HomeTechs Club, Media Club, Entrepreneur Club, Wu Shu, Chinese Calligraphy, and Sports Club. Learners also signed up for the Lion and Dragon Dance Troupe, Red Cross, Boy Scout, and Girl Scout.

Film-Forge (Film-Making), Gourmet Guild (Culinary Arts), Startup Society (Entrepreneurship), Hua Siong Debate Society (Debate), Green Initiative Organization (Environmentalist), The Bibliophiles (Book Club), The Chain (Student Publication), Red Cross Youth (RCY), and Dragon and Lion Dance Troupe were the organizations joined in by SHS learners.

MathScilympics showcases learners’ wits and creativity

JHS, SHS hold acquaintance parties in fashion

As a way to establish solidarity and camaraderie among high school learners, two acquaintance parties were attended by the Junior and Senior Phoenixes with the theme “Ang Pagbabalik: Coming Home of the Red Phoenixes” and “Barbiecore: SHS Welcome Party!” respectively last August 2, 2023 at the Ledesco Campus.

The Senior Phoenixes unleashed their inner Barbie and Ken as they showed off their fashionista side while taking inspiration from the outfits worn by characters in the Barbie movie.

Meanwhile, the Junior Phoenixes strutted around the covered court dressed in their retro and classic outfits while rocking the timeless fashion pieces of a ‘90s Batang Pinoy.

The Junior High School (JHS) and Senior High School (SHS) Student

Councils (SC) prepared different activities, games, and contests which were participated by all learners.

Filipino games popularized during the ‘90s such as Trip to Jerusalem, Longest Line, and Pasa-Pasahay Buko were played by the learners and teachers of each JHS curriculum filling the venue with excitement and cheer.

The SHS SC also spearheaded a costume-making contest where each team sent two representatives to dress up like Barbie and Ken using the recyclable materials provided by the committee.

Judges observed learners during the event as various awards were given to the trendy and stylish attendees

such as the Fashionista Award for learners and teachers, Mr. and Ms. Head Turner, Mr. and Ms. Confidence, and Mr. and Ms. ‘90s. The Best Recyclable Outfit was also awarded to SHS learners during the costume-making contest.

“I experienced the warmth and lively spirits of my fellow Junior High School phoenixes. I am proud that everyone managed to pull through and enjoyed our event,” said Prince David Sia, JHS SC president.

Both acquaintance parties concluded with a food sharing activity which strengthened the camaraderie among old learners and welcomed the new learners to a new school year.