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Casugbo, J.T. Uygongco triumph in international math arena

By Shannen Marl Casugbo

  The excellence of Hua Siong College of Iloilo (HSCI) in the international arena continues Justine Timothy Uygongco and Marianne Casugbo came out triumphant in the 10th International Mathematics Competition (IMC). Both Uygongco and Casugbo were bronze medallists during the event which took place last August 1-4, 2014. “I am very happy to win in an international level competition because finally, my hardworks and sacrifices had paid off,” said Casugbo. According to Casugbo, this feat did not only let her realize the potential she had but also has given her the opportunity to travel. “I am very thankful to God for making it possible, and to my family and the school for their support,” she concluded.


Juanitas, Po seize spots in Charter Day

By Sheanna Mae Lee and Victoria Lyn Ong Chung

Hua Siong College of Iloilo (HSCI) senior students Mary Antonette Juanitas and Danielle Marie Po grabbed place in different contests sponsored by the City tourism Office during the month-long celebration of Iloilo Charter Day. Mary Antonette Juanitas was third runner-up in Extemporaneous Speaking Contest held last August 11, 2014. Meanwhile, Danielle Marie Po was second runner-up in Historical Quiz Bee that was held last August 21, 2014. Jaunitas and Po competed against participating public and private school students in the city. The aforementioned competitions focus on history and the possible future of as it is set to create awareness of the history and development of Iloilo as a city, to arouse community sense of pride of place, and to showcase the celebration as a link to culture and heritage.


Debate Society reaches SP quarter finals

By Brian Addison Pe

Hua Siong College of Iloilo Main Campus finished as quarter finalists in the Vice Mayor’s Debate Cup, during the 3rd Sangguniang Panlungsod Debate in celebration of the 76th Charter Day celebration at the Iloilo City Hall last August 22, 2014. The participants were Brian Adisson Pe as first speaker, Henrich Matthew Chua as second speaker, and Joy Louise Evidente as third speaker. “It was a very great experience. I believe that debating is really a good way of being an open-minded person,” said Evidente during an interview Download the congering subtitles. The debaters went against Mandurriao National High School (MNHS) on the first round and won, Hua Siong Ledesco (HSCI Ledesco) on the second round and also won, and against Iloilo National High School (INHS) on the third round but lost. The debating team was declared to have broken 5th during the Preliminary Round, having a total of two out of three wins and a sum of speaker scores leading up to 652. West Visayas State University (WVSU) debated against them last August 22, 2014, Friday, during the Quarter Finals, and won against them leaving the Hua Siong Main team as quarter finalists. There were 17 schools with one team each competing in the said event; two teams were from Hua Siong, Main and Ledesco Campus.


DLSU Lady Spikers set HSCI ablaze

By Chaelene Gay Lemery

Lady Spikers of De LA Salle University in Manila enlivened HSCI school grounds last October 24, 2014. The lady spikers gave their Hua Siong fans a brief peek of their power moves when they held their exhibition practice at HSCI for the upcoming UNIGAMES 2014. “They are my idols and my inspiration. Seeing them work so hard with dedication and determination as a team motivates me and my team to do our best,”said Jessica Clarisse Abang, the team captain of HSCI Elementary Girls’ Volleyball team. Hours before the practice started, the halls and corridors of the school were already packed with students and pupils who patiently waited for the lady spikers arrival and to witness a rare spectacle of seeing their idols play live, right before their faces. “For me, it was already an amazing experience to watch my idols’ practice. Seeing them so passionate at what they do makes me want to do my best for my team,”expressed Krystal, the libero of HSCI Girls’ Volleybal team. From warm-ups to the last spike of Mika Reyes and Ara Galang, the entire crowd cheered and howled. “It was such an honor to personally witness their practice. Even though they looked tired and worn-out, they still kept trying their hardest for the team,”said Bianca Lauren who is also a member of HSCI’s volleyball team. After the practice, a crowd of students and pupils lined up before the players to take their pictures and autographs.


Galvan is City’s ‘Vice Mayor’

By Alsarh Gail Marañon and Mary Antonette Juanitas

For five days, Hua Siong’s Ramon Galvan III was Iloilo city’s vice mayor. This is in line with the Rotary Club of Iloilo City’s annual celebration of Boys and Girls week that was held last September 22-26, 2014. Other Hua Siong College of Iloilo students who took part in the 40th year of Boys and Girls week were Mary Antonnete Juanitas as City Budget officer, Alsarh Gail Marañon as City Cooperative officer and Loraine Xu as City Girl Auditor. The Boys and Girls week has 41 private and public schools in participation, and only top 49 students were selected after a series of exams and interviews.


Grade Six joins ICAST “No Smoking”Campaign

By Klyde Arvin Lencioco

 ICAST (Iloilo City Anti-Smoking Taskforce) held an indoor parade at SM City Iloilo last November 7, 2014 with a goal of transmitting a wider information about the province’s “No Smoking Campaign” internet files. HSCI answered the province’s call for support where all grade six pupils willingly attended and joined the parade and became ambassadors of good health and safe environment. Holding their huge placards embedded with an anti-smoking sign, HSCI pupils along with other pupils and students from other schools in the province of Iloilo paraded inside the malland showed their message to every mall-goer they meet. “The experience felt worthwhile because we were a part of something important,” said Kresta Bretana, a grade six pupil, while sharing her experiences. The activity also held a program after the parade where they clearly depicted stories and performances which can educate fellow Ilonggos about the grave consequences of smoking.


HSCI holds Boy Scouts Camp ‘14

By Ariel J. Gavilan

 To foster camaraderie and brotherhood between students of Hua Siong College of Iloilo, Boy Scouts Camping 2014 was held in Hua Siong College of Iloilo, Ledesco Campus last September 2014. The event which followed this year’s Boy Scouts investiture, organized a basic first aid for campers and non-campers. This was sponsored by the Hua Siong College of Iloilo-Senior Red Cross Youth Council. Meanwhile, campers also prepared for other activities such as war games, and flag designing, and cooking their food for dinner. To do all these, each group divided themselves into three more groups, the one who fills the plastic bags with water, the one who does the painting, and the one who cooks with the guidance of the teachers. Additionally, the group prepared for their cheers and yells. Other activities that followed after dinner were the lighting of torch and bonfire, the war games and tug of war. Activities on the other day include amazing race which is consist of different types of challenges, riddles, arranging boxes in different colors, guessing flags, Tears of Solferino where 2 of your members need to cry and the tying up of neckerchiefs from one pole to another. This year’s camp ended with obstacle game, and a reward for all campers to swim in the pool.


HSCI Main Team A reaches pre-quarter finals 1st Iloilo Intervarsity

By Brian Adisson Pe

Hua Siong College of Iloilo Main Campus Team A finished as Pre-Quarter finalists during the 1st Iloilo Intervarsity’s (IIVs) held last September 19, and 20, 2014 at West Visayas State University, with the theme: “Iloilo intervarsity’s: the Birth of Champions.” The debating participants were first speaker Brian Adisson Pe from Gr. 9-Pine, second speaker Henrich Matthew Chua from Gr. 8-Molave, and third speaker Joy Louise Evidente from 4th Yr.-Ilang-Ilang. “This was the best tournament ever, so far. The other students should have joined,” Chua shared during an interview. Chua also added that it was a great experience especially for high school students. The team acquired four out of five wins in the Preliminary Round, broke 6th and proceeded to the Pre-Quarter Finals, debating against West Visayas State University (WVSU) (college) but lost to them, leaving them as pre-quarter finalists. Iloilo Scholastic Academy (ISA) Team A was their first opponent in the first round, winning over the Hua Siong team, leading them to their first defeat. HSCI Team A’s second to the fifth opponents that they won over are as follows: Ateneo de Iloilo (ADI) Team D, Iloilo National High School (INHS) Team C, Colegio delas Hijas de Jesus (CHJ) Team F, and CHJ Team A. Hua Siong sent three teams to the debate tournament and one competing adjudicator Michelle Mondejar (Gr. 8-Molave); Team B was Sheena Mae Lee (4th Yr.-Carnation), Mary Antonette Juanitas(4th Yr.-Carnation), and Shannen Marl Casugbo (Gr. 8-Molave); Team C was composed of Alsarh Gail Maranon (4th Yr.-Carnation), Joshe Ko Lim (Gr 여명의 눈동자 다운로드. 8-Molave), and Tsina Jade Chu (4th Yr.-Carnation). The two other teams did not make it past the Preliminary Round, Team B having only one out of five wins, and Team C having two out of five. “At least we had fun,” stated Lim. Four colleges (St. Paul University Iloilo (SPUI), University of the Philppines Iloilo College of Management (UP CM), University of the Philippines Miag-ao (UP Miag-ao), and WVSU and seven high schools: HSCI Main , ISA, CHJ, Paref Westbridge, ADI, St. Joseph School (SJS), and INHS) were the participants in the said event, without any restrictions on who is competing against who. “The purpose of the tournament was to promote debating interest and competitiveness in Iloilo, especially among high schools,” the Iloilo Debate Union (IDU) said. The IDU was recently composed of the four colleges (particularly the students) in the province of Iloilo, and now with the high schools that competed during the IIVs. The event was run by college students from the IDU (SPUI, UP CM, UP Miag-ao, and WVSU), and two college students from University of the Philippines Cebu.


HSCI Math Whizzes dominate International Tilts

By Lady RL Golero

Uygongco siblings consistently bagged awards in the prestigious international math competitions held in China and India. Representing the country and the school against other young blood math wizards of other countries , Daryll Kevin Uygongco (Hua Siong College of Iloilo alumnus) was awarded gold medalist while Cassey Jules Uygongco, a grade six pupil, emerged a silver medalist on July 26-27, 2014 during the “I Love Math Summer Camp” in Hangzhou City, China. “I had made some friends. It was fun getting to know more people,” C.J. Uygongco shared about her experience during the camp. Furthermore, she shared that through this experience she learned trust herself to be independent.

Wizards at Mathematics

Furthermore, Cassey Jules Uygongco harvested more medals for her exceptional math prowess during “Wizards at Mathematics International Competition 2014” last October 18-21 held in Lucknow , India. Cassey won second place, earning two silver medals in both individual and group contests while she earned a bronze medal in the team contest. “I won the competition by the help of God and hardwork. I never gave up even if I felt like giving up,” shared C.J. Uygongco. Because of their outstanding performance in Mathematics as displayed across continents, Daryll and Cassey were given recognition last August 18, 2014 from the Office of the City Mayor headed by Honorable Jed Patrick Mabilog.


HSCI rules ISSA Chess tournament

By Lady RL Golero

 Verna Lauren Ciriaco and Lady RL Golero sealed a victorious championship game during the ISSA () Chess Tournament at Central Philippine University Church on September 17-19, 2014. HSCI female chess players attacked CPU at a score of 2-5-2. Leading player, Ciriaco (board 1) survived against Checy Telesforo of CPU at a score of 2 out of 4 and Telesforo 4 out of 4. Leading player, Golero (board 2) scored 3 out of 4 against Joyce Te of ISA (Iloilo Scholastics Academy.) Te scored 4 out of 4. Both Ciriaco and Golero were hailed as team champions in the whole team standing.


Hua Siong Students Unleash Talent

By Ma. Elysha Vagilidad and Mary Bernadette Solis

Hua Siong College of Iloilo (HSCI) Inc. was once again recognized as one of the top performing schools during the Iloilo Private Schools Athletic Association 2014 (ILOPRISAA 2014) for garnering top awards in literary and cultural competitions soaring auto-search er. Leading the champions were Alvin Benson Gocheco , Ramon Galvan III and Ha Neul Ki in  Math Quiz Bee and Fay Fan Castro in English Declamation. Following the road to excellence were RB Jonn Pesqueria  who placed second  in Spelling Quiz Bee and the HSCI dancers Jillian Nicole Pajanostan, Alana Flores, Nicole Adeline Keng, Valene Dominique Cuizon, Paula Jyl Castante, Michelle Fuertes, Yasmin Pendon, and Ma. Erika Verdejo who were silver medalists in Folk Dance, and Hayrold Navarra Ceyan Peaches Garanchon in Modern Standard as well as Lex Sean Resano and Marie Antonette Doctora in Latin American Dance Sports. Senior students Ma. Elysha Vagilidad and Alsarh Gail Marañon as they earned the third spot in Oratorical Contest and Filipino Declamation accordingly.

HSCI Youngblood writers take the lead

By Jhe Ysobel Que

Youngblood writers of Hua Siong College of Iloilo continued to take the lead in Journalism competitions. HSCI pupils made it to the top ten Golden Pen Awardees during the Regional English Circle Golden Pen Awards 2014 held at Hua Siong College of Iloilo, Main Campus. Among the pupils who blazed the trail are Klyde Arvin Lencioco for Feature Writing (English); Skye MAe Hipolito and Jhanna Rose Ong for News Writing (English); Joseph Enrique Chua, Joshua Emmanuel Chua, Fiona Mae Nacional, Skye Mae Hipolito, Thiara Montelibano, and Dianne Ramos for Copyreading (English); MArian CAsugbo for Copyreading (Filipino); Marian Casugbo, John Curtom, Klyde Arvin Lencioco, and Angela Margaret Calanza for Sports Writing (English). During the “Batang Panulaton 2014”, Campus Journalism in a Changing World held on July 19-20, 2014 at Punta Villa Beach Resort, Dianella Maris Po and Jhee Ysobel Que bagged numerous awards. Out of 900 participants in the whole Region, Dianella Po ranked 7th in News Writing (English) and 3rd in Editorial Writing (Filipino) while Que won 7th place in Editorial  Writing (ENglish), 5th place in Editorial Writing (Filipino), 7th place in Feature Writing (both English and Filipino), and 10th place in Editorial Cartooning.


During the Division Schools Press Conference (DSPC) held at SPED-ISEC Iloilo City, three pupils made it to the Regional Schools Press Conference (RSPC)  held at Punta Villa Beach Resort where Jan Kenn Dulatre qualified for Sports Writing (English), Klyde Arvin Lencioco for Feature Writing (English) and finally, Jhee Ysobel Que for Feature Writing (Filipino).


Hua Siong library hosts Book Fair 2014

By Kathleen Mendoza and Phoebe Jane Limsiaco

To provide students with updated, sufficient, and quality books and other library resources, Hua Siong College of Iloilo (HSCI) – Library hostted Book Fair 2014. “As an institution of higher learning preparing for future accreditation, it is necessary that it should adhere to the library standard,” Ms. Anne Paula D. Bayeta, Head Librarian, said. Furthermore, Book Fair 2014 is used to select and evaluate books for library collection development in order to meet the library standard set by the CHED, DepEd, and Accrediting Agency. “The Book Fair was a success since there was a positive response from the students and they were looking forward to have this event again next year and in the succeeding years,” Ms. Bayeta added. The Book Fair 2014 was held last September 22-26, 2014 with the help of National Book Store, C&E Publishing Inc., Daughters of St. Paul, Rex Book Store, and Diwa Learning System Requiem Movie.


Hua Siong ends triumphant in 2014 Milo Passerelle

By Kim Lawrence Galvan

Hua Siong Basketball Team B holds on to a 5 point lead in the dying minutes of a thrilling finale against Sun Yat Sen High School in 2014 Milo Passerelle held in Iloilo Sports Complex Gymnasium. Hua Siong was down in a hole during the first minutes of the game due to the Head coach attending important matters and arrived during the game. Nonetheless, this problem affected their momentum into the first quarter of the game. During the first quarter, Sun Yat Sen took this advantage to take the game over for this period and stretched their lead by 11 points in the end. The second quarter began their fightback with Hua Siong terrorizing the Sun Yat Sen defense with fastbreaks and accurate jump shots which had tighten the scores with Hua Siong leading by 1. The third quarter of the game was dominated by Hua Siong and most of the points of the team during this quarter are from their surging captain, David Leandro Umadhay. The fourth quarter started with two teams defending for their lives but Sun Yat Sen were able to break loose of the defense and scored easy baskets that made the score tight in the last 3 minutes of the game. Hua Siong was able to hold on to their lead and regained the crown once again. During the awarding ceremonies of the tournament, David Leandro Umadhay was awarded the MVP of the tournament. In an interview, Marc Nonoy, one of the agile guards of the team, told the school press: “I am happy that we won the final because we want Hua Siong to be back up top in this tournament and this win gave us more confidence that would help us make a momentum that will bring us to victory.”

FINAL SCORE: Hua Siong 66 Sun Yat Sen 61


‘Huasiongians’ expose sports prowess

By Raphael Chua

Spartans, Blazers, Raptors, and Stingers subdued the field with their sports prowess. Hua Siong pupils paraded the campus holding on tightly to their team banners as each team vied for the 2014 Sportsfest championship. Teams of different grade levels competed in various sports events such as basketball, volleyball, swimming, table tennis, football, chess, and badminton. The teachers believed that the event became a healthy outlet for Huasiongians who are naturally sports enthusiasts. The sports events encouraged pupils to develop their physical prowess, self-confidence, team work, and camaraderie. In the end, the Spartans emerged victorious winning as the 2014 Sportsfest champions.



 Ni Charyne Simora

Upang maprotektahan ang kapakanan at kalusugan ng mga estudyante laban sa masamang epekto ng paninigarilyo at ng droga, isang pagtitipon ang isinagawa ng Hua Siong College of Iloilo (HSCI), Agusto, 2014. Isang seminar ang ipinagawa nila tungkol sa ipinagbabawal na droga at ano ang mangyayari kapag ipinatuloy ang paggamit nito. Ang nasabing seminar ay pinangunahan ng mga tagapagsalita na sina ICAST Director Iñigo Garingalao at Binibining Rachel Mission. Ipinagbabawal na ang paninigarilyo sa mga pampublikong lugar lalong lalo na sa paaralan, kaya ang Department of Education (DepEd) ay nagpatupad na ng mga batas. Ang HSCI ay umaksyon sa paraan ng seminar upang malaman at maiwasan na ng mga estudyante ang paninigarilyo at paggamit ng ipinagbabawal na droga. “Marami na ang mga taoong namatay dahil sa hindi matangguhan ang paninigarilyo. Para sa iba, ang paninigarilyo ay kawilihan at pampatanggal ng stress,” saad ni Gg. Garingalao. “Napagdesisyonan nila na gumamit ng droga dahil na rin sa kanilang pagod at puyat na nararamdaman hangul zafan. Iba sa kanila ay ipinarihab narin. Hindi lang rin ang kalusugan ang maaapektuhan pati na rin ang kagandahan at kagwapuhan ay naapektuhan. Mula sa malinis na mukha ito’y parang naging bula na nag-iba ang anyo, na naging matanda, maitim ang ilalim ng mata na parang hindi nakatulog ng ilang buwan,” dagdag ni Bb. Rachel Mission.


Inate qualifies to National Suduko Challenge

Renzie Anne Gonzales and Ariel Gavilan

A brand new color has been added to the rainbow of success of Hua Siong College of Iloilo as Andrea Dhagne Inate took home the bacon for winning First Runner-up during the 9th Regional Sudoku Challenge held last October 18, 2014 at SM City, Iloilo. This feat qualified Inate to participate in the National Suduko Challenge. The discovery of Sudoku during Inate’s fifth grade, and the fun she found in filling in the missing numbers led her to bringing pride to HSCI. “Winning is an achievement but winning making our school proud is a bigger achievement. I am very thankful that God bless me with this and I’m always happy for my family, friends and to my school that supports me,” shared Inate. Inate competed in the national level last January 31, and was given merit award.


Jacelle Anne S. Geonanga

A solid education is more essential than ever to survive in today’s global economy. But for many students, just remaining in the classroom and behaving is a challenge. Let us take a look on our school rules and regulations here in Hua Siong. We have offenses, major and minor ones. We are told to wear the prescribed uniform, boys were told to wear the proper haircut, we are not allowed to eat during class hours and so on. Many students are complaining about the rules that are implemented. We have to follow this, follow that, it’s so annoying. We all agree to that statement, but we should follow them. How can we ever learn if we are not disciplined? Does discipline in schools, especially here in Hua Siong, need to be improved? Our answer to that is yes. It helps on promoting good behaviour. All pupils and students in a school benefit when behaviour is good. High standards of behaviour are important in helping children to feel safe and learn well. It teaches us to be responsible. Being responsible is a learned behaviour. It is not an accident and it requires patience and effort. Responsibility means our willingness to stand up and say that what we do has an impact on other people. Being responsible means being aware. It helps us make smart decisions. Sometimes we face tough decisions that involve one or more unknowns. We can’t know in advance what the consequence of each alternative will be. By being disciplined, we can make smarter decisions. As what Katherine Hepburn said; “Without discipline, there’s no life at all.” if there was no discipline, people would do what they wanted and make mistakes without putting the consideration of others first. Discipline promotes good human behaviour to better society and make it a more pleasant place for everyone.


 J.T night letter. Uygongco, Pama receive Prize, Merit awards

Two of Hua Siong College of Iloilo pupils were again acknowledged in international competitions in the person of Justin Timothy Uygongco and Hanz Renzo Pama. Uygongco was Prize awardee in the 2014 Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC). This means that Uygonco was able to reached an above 97 percentile on the exam that was provided by AMC. Meanwhile, Hanz Renzo Pama earned merit award from World Mathematics Invitational Competition 2014 that was held last August 9-12, 2014 at Kaosiong, Taiwan.


 Main campus holds choral singing competition

By Patrizia Rekaila Po, Samantha Montaña 

To feel the spirit of Christmas, the high school students of Hua Siong College of Iloilo (HSCI) main campus had their annual choral singing final competition last December 19, 2014 at the HSCI main campus school grounds. In an event that coincides with the school’s Christmas party, each qualified section had to perform 2 songs; one of which is required and the other one is their choice for the finals. From the freshmen, grades 7 Avocado and Santol were qualified, while Grades 8 Molave and Lauan were qualified for the sophomores. Junior qualifiers are Grade 9 Pine and Yakal and senior qualifiers are from 4th year Carnation and Dahlia. This year’s title holder was the Grade 9 Yakal students while 4th year Carnation and Grade 7 Santol students were first and second runners-up. “It’s that we were not able to get in the top 3, I am already satisfied in our performance because we were qualified in the elimination round. At least, it was fun and all of us enjoyed,” said Patrick Camandillo of Grade 7 Avocado.


Marfil, Corpuz advance to ABS-CBN Newscasting finals

By Alyssa Alexandra Lee

John Jomer Marfil, a grade VII Avocado student and Helen Grace Corpuz, a 3rd year Pine student of Hua Siong College of Iloilo bested hundreds of high school contestants from public and private schools in the semi-finals rounds to advance to the finals of the 12th ABS CBN Inter-School Newscasting Competition. Marfil competed in the Hiligaynon Category while Corpuz was the school’s contestant in the English category. “Despite the fact that we were too busy for the Boy’s Scout Investiture Ceremony, still I managed to ready myself for the contest proper by reading my report all over again and by thinking positive that I can do it,” Marfil shared. Before the grand finals, all finalists were invited to join a newscasting workshop where they were given some tips on how to deliver a news, how to do hair and make-up and proper clothes selection       “The semi-final round was still a nerve wracking experience even though it was already my second time to join the competition. It’s a good thing that my friends were there to support me which was overwhelming on my part,” Corpuz shared. Aditionally, Corpuz saith that she is thankful for the patience and support Sir Rex has given her during the preparation which included extended practices in the faculty room everyday which often last up to 9 pm. “Even though we didn’t win during the finals, we don’t have regrets as we know we did our best for the glory of God,” Corpuz concluded. The said competition was held last September 27, 2014 at SM City Iloilo.


HSCI pupils crowned as 2015 MTAP champs
By Skye Mae Hipolito

Metrobank-MTAP-DEPED Math Challenge Division Level declared Hua Siong pupils as 2015 MTAP champions last January 13, 2015 at Iloilo Central Elementary School Adobe illustrator free download. Justin Timothy Uygongco and J Iah Sargado won first place in Grade 4 Team Finals category while William Vicson Gocheco and Nathaniel Robertson Chua also emerged as champions in Grade 3 Team Finals. On the other hand, Ashley Uygongco and Reyshiel Doromal won second place in Grade 2 team finals. Hua Siong pupils also romped away several gold, silver and bronze in the MTAP individual category where William Vicson Gocheco won first place; Ashley Uygongco and Justin Timothy Uygongco emerged second place; and Marianne Casugbo won third place. Meanwhile, Justine Timothy Uygongco, Marianne Casugbo, Lance Gavin Pama, and Lance Christian Sy were recognized as Merit Awardees where Uygongco and Casugbo finished as Second Honors while Pama and Sy as Third Honors. HSCI young math wizards topped the Math challenge with the expert guidance of Ms. Ellen Dalipe, Ms. Hazel Parrenas, Ms. Stephanie Reyes, Ms. Helen Grace Saldevia and Mrs. Ma. Jennette Nacional, their coaches.

Junior Chain
Editorial Board

Klyde Arvin Lencioco
Raphael Chua
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Lady RL Golero
Jhee Ysobel Que
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Feature Editors

Chaelene Gay Lemery
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Ile Gwyn Verde
Christian Blue Gabayeron
Thiara Joy Montelibano
Franchescka Jewel Puljanan
Mitch David Oliveros
Kiana Alyssa Belga







Hua Siong Scribes Shine in Journalism Tilts

By John Jomer Marfil and Christine Joy Escubio

Students of Hua SIong Collegeof Iloilo reigned victorious in several journalism contests for School Year 2014-2015. These competitions iclude Golden Pen Awards, Division Schools Press Conference, and English Language Festival. In the Golden pen Awards, Michelle Antonette Mondejar won 2nd place inNews Writing English; Henrich Matthew Chua won 2nd place in Sports Writing in English; Michelle Antonette Mondejar won 1st place for Copy Reading English; Kathleen Mendoz won 2nd place for Feature Writing English; Danielle Marie Po won 2nd place in Feature Writing Filipino; Jacelle Anne Geonaga won 1st place, Janine Goson Tan won 2nd place, Brian Addison Pe won 3rd place in Editorial Writing English. Among hundreds of writers in participation, twofrom main campus were awarded most promising writers in the person of Angel Malones and Kathleen Mendoza.


Meanwhile, Division Schools Press Conference (DSPC) winners were Kathleen Mendoza is the Champion in Feature Writing English; Shannen Marl Casugbo won 2nd place in Copy Reading and Headlining English; Michelle Antonette Mondejar for Copy Reading and Headlining Filipino; Danielle Marie Po for Feature Writing Filipino; Patricia Marie Dedase for News Writing Filipino; Kate Marie Jiao for Editorial Writing Filipino, and Kyla Marie Cataluna is a 10th placer in Science Writing Filipino.
This qualified the writers to compete in the Regional Schools Press Conference (RSPC).


In the English Language Festival (ELF), Trisha Mae Astilla won 2nd place in Essay Writing; Ric Coo won 3rd place in Poetry Writing; Kai Gabrielle Sanico won 2nd place in News Writing and Jacelle Anne Geonaga won 2nd place in Editorial Writing .


Red Cross
By Joy Louise Evidente

“By four in the morning, the four of us were fully dressed, sitting around cooking rice, drinking coffee and waiting for all the other campers to wake up for morning exercise,” shared Joe Marie Estrada, RCY Camp 2014 participant. Held last May 7, 2014 to May 13, 2014, Hua Siong College of Iloilo joined the fourth annual Red Cross Youth Summer Camp at Cabatuan Comprehensive High School in the persons of Joy Louise Evidente (4th year Ilang-Ilang), Joe Marie Estrada, Gabriel Seth Javelona and RB John Pesqueria (Grade 9-Pine) along with HSCI SRCY co-adviser Maam Jorja Cantillas.The students placed third place for their dance number during Talent night. The students slept in tents for the duration of their stay which was seven days and six nights. When asked about how that felt, they all said they didn’t notice a thing because of the fact that by the end of the day they were too tired. Events during the camp included Campers Night, Talent Night, Cirque du Benevolat, Skill Training, Social Media Seminar, Mr. and Miss RCY 2014, Tree planting, morning exercise and the like.

“In a crowd, we were easily recognizable. Especially if we were together because we were following a color system 알씨 동영상 만들기 다운로드. Like, one day, we wore red and then the next, green. It was really fun.”
-Gabriel Javelona

Campers were randomly placed into teams depending on the color of their nametags. Hua Siong participants were placed Voluntary Service, Unity, Universality and Humanity respectively.


 Resano, Doctora secure gold in dance sports

Just like the phoenix, the dance duo Lex Sean Resano and Mary Antonette Doctora rose from silver medallists to gold medallists in Dance Sports-Latin American Category. On this year’s Iloilo Private Schools Athletic Association (ILOIPRISAA), Resano and Doctora were silver medallists but were declared champions in Western Visayas Athletic Association WVRAA. The dance floor is not the only challenge for Hua Siong delegates but also the bad weather.

“We were stranded for two days due to typhoon, and it’s New Year the next day,” shared Kirth Teodosio, the team’s coach.

Despite all these, Teodosio said that it was all worth it because they were able to make the school proud. Also present during the completion were Jorja Cantillas, the co-coach, and the dancers’ parents. The WVRAA dance sport was held last December 28, 2014 at University of St. La Salle, Bacolod City.


Sio advances in the Regional

By Janna Rose Ong

Kimberly Belle Ong Sio made it to the Regional level after winning second place in the  prestigious 12th ABS-CBN Interschool Newscasting Competition – Grand Finals last September 27, 2014 at SM City Iloilo. Sio, a grade six Hua Siong pupil, represented the school in the 12th ABS-CBN Interschool Newscasting Competition – Elimination round, English category against more than a hundred contenders from other public and private schools in Iloilo city and in the whole province of Iloilo. Out of more than a hundred participants, Sio made it to the top 20 and headed to another grueling stage of the competition, the Grand Finals , where only the top three secured seats in the Regional level. “It was a long journey for Kim after having to go through several stages of the competition before finally reaching the Regional Level. She made it because her efforts paid off,” said Ms. Catherine Moquite, Sio’s teacher and coach. “I thank my parents, my teachers, and my school for their all out support and generous praises,” said Sio. ABS-CBN in partnership with the Department of Education continues to hold the newscasting competition with the hopes to elevate and unleash the newscasting potential of young aspiring Ilonggos.


2 seniors are YMCA’s outstanding Boy and Girl

Young Mens Christian Association (YMCA) Iloilo Inc.  awarded Ramon Galvan III and Danielle Marie Po as Outsranding Boy and Girl respectively. To be qualified as such, YMCA Iloilo Inc. required students from all over the province of Iloilo to submit a portfolio that contains the student’s achievements and involvements in socio-cultural activities. Furthermore, each qualified applicants undergone written exams in from of essay writing and an interview. “I was losing hope when the second Most Outstanding Girl was announced , and no one from Hua Siong was called,” shared Po zend guard loader 다운로드. To her surprise, Po was declared to be the most outstanding. The awarding Ceremony was held at Sarabia manor Hotel last December 12, 2014.




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Values of the Week

Mar 11 – Mar 15, 2019

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Hard Work:

What you sow

what you reap
Mar 4 – Mar 8, 2019

(39th Week)


Sense of Urgency:

Value Time
Feb 25 – Mar 1, 2019

(38th Week)


Theme for the

Foundation Celebration
Feb 18 – Feb 22, 2019

(37th Week)


Utilitarian Spirit:

Love and Care for the

Good of many
Feb 11 – Feb 15, 2019

(36th Week)



Love of School
Feb 4 – Feb 8, 2019

(35th Week)


Diligence and Frugality
Jan 28 – Feb 1, 2019

(34th Week)


Synergy: Living Together

Jan 21 – Jan 25, 2019

(33rd Week)



Speaking with Reason
Jan 14 – Jan 18, 2019

(32nd Week)


Modesty: Recognition of

Shortcomings and the

dare to change
Jan 2 – Jan 4, 2019

(31st Week)



Positive Outlook
Jan 7 – Jan 11, 2019

(31st Week)




Dec 17 – Dec 21, 2018

(28th Week)


Dec 10 – Dec 14, 2018

(27th Week)


Christmas Spirit:

Dec 3 – Dec 7, 2018

(26th Week)


Nov 26 – Nov 30, 2018

(25th Week)

恒心 ,忍耐

Perseverance and

Nov 19 – Nov 23, 2018

(24th Week)



Will to succeed
Nov 12 – Nov 16, 2018

(23rd Week)


Respect for Elders
Nov 5 – Nov 9, 2018

(22nd Week)


Unity and Cooperation
Oct 22 – Oct 26, 2018

(20th Week)


Teamwork: Help and

Protect each other
Oct 8 – Oct 12, 2018

(18th Week)


Environmental Stewardship:

Love and Protection of the

Earth and the Humankind
Oct 1 – Oct 5, 2018

(17th Week)



Strong Will

and Equality
Sept 24 – Sept 28, 2018

(16th Week)


Golden Rule
of Confucius
Sept 17 – Sept 21, 2018

(15th Week)



Follow the Rules &

Regulations of

the School
Sept 10 – Sept 14, 2018

(14th Week)



Respect of Teachers
Sept 3 – Sept 7, 2018

(13th Week)



and Service
Aug 27 – Aug 31, 2018

(12th Week)


Aug 20 – Aug 24, 2018

(11th Week)



Doing Things with

Aug 13 – Aug 17, 2018

(10th Week)


Kindness, Honesty

and Justice
Aug 6 – Aug 10, 2018

(9th Week)


Patriotism: Love of

Country and People
July 30 – Aug 3, 2018

(8th Week)


Service: Happiness

to Help
July 23 – July 27, 2018

(7th Week)


Charity: Care

towards Others
July 16 – July 20, 2018

(6th Week)


Filial Piety
July 9 – July 13, 2018

(5th Week)


Love of Family
July 2 – July 6, 2018

(4th Week)


Industry: Love

of Work
June 25 – June 29, 2018

(3rd Week)


June 18 – June 22, 2018

(2nd Week)


Knowledge: Love

to Study
June 11 – June 15, 2018

(1st Week)

自爱自强 自力更生

Courage and


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